11 Jan 2011

In the Mood

I found out that role of "In the Mood" appears Angelica Birman. I was surprised because I thought her have ceased acting. On the other hand she is  just a great choice for this role, which needs to be stylish and somehow old-fashioned Hollywood. Three more actors to go for FashionFive!

This picture must be from the "Melting candy" movie :-)

Angelica Birman (born. 1989) is known for her on-off career. Best Birman family is remembered for Agnelica's banker-father's money embezzlement. Angelica had a difficult childhood, her father was in prison and her mother worked fulltime job for 12 hours daily. Starlet began her career very young, only about 10 years old in cookie commercials. In age of 12 Angelica started acting in small films such as "Your father is G-A-Y" (2002) and "Sweet Kisses Nansy" (2005). All will remember Angelica's tantrum, which took place in the year 2009 "You missed me", filming. This started a downward spiral and job offers ran out completely. Angelica were called a Drama Queen when she announced her being a housewife (though childless), which the media was wondering widely. Birman tried to get away from the plight recording the single "I hate you all"but people just got a good laugh of this song. In 2010, desperate, "Melting candy" soft porn movie again raised people's awareness of Angelica

Source: hotofthetop.com

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