7 Feb 2011


I'm surprised by this latest actress.
She isn't  even an actress, but a really famous blogger! It probably doesn't cause any harm, because her  appearance is wonderful and she is experienced performer.

Actress Elle Noir was born in 1990. There is not much information about her, but she is known as Chubby burlesque girls-netsite administrator.  Elle is a self-taught layabout. Her column, which consists of spaces are published in  Albanian Just Another Pointless Magazine every two years. Despite of her young age Elle is  also the author of two books, the Empty pages (2006) and Only White Paper (2008). Books did not sell very well, but Chubby burlesque girls-site monitor on a weekly basis more than 500 000 readers around the world.
Elle collects  razorblades and dust under her bed.

Source: bloggers-heaven.com and hollywoods-biggest.net