9 Jan 2011

Green Fairy

I got the information of the first actor! It is a role of The Green Fairy.  This cartoon character adventurers in the early years, so I really don't know much about her. I just remember that she is a painter, who drinks a lot and paints obscene pictures of men.

I found the following description from Hollywood's-brightest-stars.com  and there was also this picture of Persephone Fuzzy.

Persephone Fuzzy was born in Argentina 1979.  She inherited  great comedy potential from her parents. Her Greek father played in theatre, and created an excellent career  acting with speaking  animals. Persephones  gypsy mother lived her childhood in Europe. She got dark seductress roles in many Hollywood B-grade movies. Uninhibited behavior learned at home and parents relationships with famous directors and the most successful actors ensured  an easy road to the top to a young woman . Persephone, however, rebelled against her nice girl role, and did a light porn movie, "Without Razorblade. " The film flopped, but Persephone took the nickname Fuzzy, which she had received from the film and replaced  the old noble family name von Mulkqvist. Today she is known for strong female roles and difficult physical and comedic roles. The most famous of her works are  Kiss me (1998), Smack my pony (2000), No underwear (2002), My cousin, My lover (2005), Party girls diarrhea (2007) ... And Valium for all (2009) Far beyond rational (2009),  Alwaysmind (2010).

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