2 Mar 2011

Guitar girl

For this role they needed a girl with a lots of charisma and good looks. I understand, that they picked up DeeDee Moore. The picture I found of her, was absolutely fabulous!  I hope she can play by herself, and there won't be any 'handdouble' in this movie...

DeeDee Moore

The well-known musician / actor / stand-up comedian is born in 1990. DeeDees career began by an accident from  a good joke in a public place. At the age of 16 she felt to be funny enough to take a tour in Germany, but noboby understood either Finnish or DeeDee's jokes.  That experience made her try the next obvious thing- acting.

During her career as an actress DeeDee acted in a couple of B-class movies; I Wish I Had Talent (2006), So Alone (2006), What's wrong with me? (2007).  She wasn't  successful enough, and disappeared suddenly.
DeeDee's phothograpy gigs kept her busy for a while. However, DeeDee was depressed, and spent her evenings at bars- whenever she was underaged. We don't know how all this was possible.  Her family got worried about her behaviour and sanity. They forced DeeDee to go to a music academy to spend her time with something more intellectual.

 Soon after that (in 2009) DeeDee started a girl/rock/pop/jazz/bluesband called Fast chickens. Their first single "Anybody Could Sing This  Better Than We" was number one hit for three long weeks. Their first album "Haha you Suckers!" (2010) sold well, and they had plenty of gigs.  Rumours say, that their second album might come out soon...

I also found odd information, that DeeDee is very successfull athlete in paralympics. It's weird, that she won the wheelchair sprint, 'cause  she stands with her own feet in  all of her band's YouTube videos...

Source: weirdpedia.com